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Circles of Hope Training and Community Workshop

PNDC will train Palestine and other urban neighborhood women as facilitators of the Circles of Hope community engagement/development process. Training will be lead by LaDoris Payne-Bell, the originator of the Circles of Hope community development process. Additionally, Ms. Payne-Bell will speak in a public meeting to the greater Kansas City community about engaging women of color and providing "safe space" for honest and productive discourse and community-based problem solving. Ms. Payne-Bell and at least one other individual will travel from St. Louis and be in Kansas City for up to four days. The grant will cover the costs of a modest honorarium (TBD), transportation, meals, lodging, materials, marketing, spa

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Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation (PNDC)
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3449 Indiana Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64128
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Thomas Bibbs
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Neighborhoods Rising Fund Grant