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Municipal Farm

The Municipal Farm site is a historic and environmental landmark in Kansas City, but over the years neglect and possible contamination has left the site largely abandoned and environmentally damaged. Today, the site is home to a diverse array of conditions, including waterways, wetlands, wooded areas, dramatic topography and scattered development. This plan recognizes the opportunity to revitalize the city-owned property and the surrounding Eastwood Hills Neighborhood by creating an inspiring and achievable vision. This vision sets the stage for environmental restoration, research, innovation, development, and regional recreation opportunities.

Currently owned by the City of Kansas City, Missouri the property sits within the Eastwood Hills Neighborhood. The Municipal Farm Sustainable Reuse Plan is an EPA pilot project for the historic, 441-acre Municipal Farm site. Many stakeholders and community members have been involved in the process to create the Plan which calls for many uses and activities on the site including creating a connection to the Blue River, recreation trails, nature-focused educational facilities, urban agriculture, residential and mixed use development, and sustainable industrial and institutional facilities. Currently, a team is working to attract operators of sustainable agriculture to the 440-acre city-owned municipal farm site.

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Kansas City Mo, KC Community Gardens
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City of Kansas City, MO
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Raytown Road & Ozark Road
Kansas City, MO 64129
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Jeffrey Williams
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