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Renovation of Buckeye Greenway/Park

We are in the process of renovating and reestablishing the approximate 74 acre park. The park's boundaries are NE Brighton on the east, Highway 210 on the south, and Choutaeu Trafficway on the west. Our park is located where Frenchmen Francois Chouteau established a trading area just north of the Missouri River. The park serves as a boundary for Chouteau Elementary School. The park is more of a natural, nature park for hiking and observing wildlife. There are only a few of such parks north of the river.

Year Established: 
Winter, 2013
In Operation
City of Kansas City
Organization Name: 
Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association
Organization Type: 
Neighborhood association
Address of the Project: 
Buckeye Greenway
Kansas City, MO 64117
Lead Contact Person: 
Doug Green
Lead Contact Email: