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Spring and Fall Neighborhood Cleanup

We would use the grant funds for 2 neighborhood dumpster cleanups on a Sat. morning (one in the fall, another in spring) and for breakfast items (rolls, juice, and water) for the volunteers. The dumpsters are for leaves/brush and for trash. Around 40 or more households utilized our last dumpsters, with several people making more than one trip. We have had residents use the dumpsters themselves and the next time they have come to help as a volunteer- paying it forward. These cleanups have become an easy way to meet your neighbors.

Organization Name: 
Sunset Dixon Neighborhood Association
Organization Type: 
Neighborhood association
Address of the Project: 
1916 NE 39th Ter
Kansas City, MO 64116
Lead Contact Person: 
Jennifer Galatas
Lead Contact Email: 
Neighborhoods Rising Fund Grant