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Storytime for Preschoolers

Story Time for Preschoolers provided an opportunity to introduce young children, ages 3 to 5, to great award-winning, age appropriate books. Children gathered for 90 minutes each Tuesday as their instructor and youth interns read aloud award-winning, age appropriate books. Art, music, and physical activity were incorporated throughout the program time. Middle and high school students were identified and were trained to assist the instructor with planning the program activities; reading to the children; and helping with art, music, physical exercise activities and serving snacks.

There were 5 volunteers, 7 parents and 10 children who participated in this pilot program. Parents who completed the survey reported that their child enjoyed it and was able to articulate something that was learned . Volunteers reported the experience was meaningful and helped them to develop job-related skills. There was a special presentation at the monthly meeting in which participants received certificates and reading resources to take home . The presentation included a nice lunch and approximately 30 people attended.

Year Established: 
Organization Name: 
Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council
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Organization Type: 
Neighborhood association
Address of the Project: 
3700 Woodland
Kansas City, MO 64109
Lead Contact Person: 
Yolanda R. Young
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