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Stregthening Our Social Fabric: Community Engagement and Enrichment

GPPC, and its national partner YouthWorks, will team up to provide support to the PNG's neighborhood listening program entitled "Strengthening Our Social Fabric" in four ways: 1) To promote neighborhood engagement in PNG's program through door-to-door invitation and distribution of event flyers; 2) Hosting eight weekly evening cook-outs over the summer; 3) Facilitating and compensating neighbors of all cultures to provide a portion of each cook-out meal; and 4) Listening for opportunities to address neighbors concern regarding educational gaps by hosting K-12 tutoring and ESL classes

Organization Name: 
Grandview Park Presbyterian Church
Organization Type: 
Neighborhood association
Address of the Project: 
1613 Wilson Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66102
Lead Contact Person: 
Dedric Moore
Lead Contact Email: 
Neighborhoods Rising Fund Grant