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Troost Coalition Design Guidelines

The Troost Coalition project is a neighborhood initiated and led planning effort to control development that has contributed to the stagnation of Troost between 24th Street on the North to Volker Boulevard on the South for the last 60 years. The first phase, a Zoning Use Overlay, was passed by KCMO City Council in December 2014. The second and current phase is creating design standards to be used as a guideline for new developments and major rehabilitation projects. This is an unprecedented consensus based project driven by a collaborative effort six neighborhood associations; the city of Kansas City, Missouri; and professionals from the local design community.

The Design Guidelines are the culmination of over three years of work by neighborhood leaders to build consensus around a set of zoning reforms that lead to a positive regeneration of Troost Avenue. After a tumultuous and unsuccessful history of attracting developers, these residents are working together on an implementation strategy for the environment they want to live in. This effort is strengthening ties between neighborhoods on both sides of Troost, helping develop young community leaders, making residents feel that their voices are being heard, and in turn, forging a positive relationship with the city.

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Eco Abet
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6523 Summit
Kansas City, MO 64113
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Angela Gunn
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