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Boston Heights and Mount Hope

The Kansas City Soup Bowl

The Kansas City Soup Bowl the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Groups way of collecting food for those in need. Some of the workers on this project are children between the ages of 10 and 19. We are teaching them to identify problems within the community and seek out ways to solve those problems.
The event takes place on June 9th at the North Kansas City High School Football Field semi professional men's and women's football teams will play benefit football games beginning at 3pm.

Restore the Block

The Boston Heights/Mount Hope Neighborhood Association worked to develop a model for block stabilization minor home repair that could be applied in the neighborhood and in nine other areas of the Urban Neighborhood Initiative. BHMHNA created a highly organized process that established the framework for the program. The association is now seeking funding to execute the model.

Neighborhood Beautification

The neighborhood beautification project will transform the vacant lot at 3000 Flora Avenue into a park with a native wildflower garden. The project will include the removal of old cement stairs and broken sidewalk pieces, the planting of a wild flower garden by residents and association members, and the installation of a sitting bench. A partnership with Metro Lutheran Ministry will provide 113 fruit trees, 18 raised garden beds, green patch, and blackberry bushes.

The Youth Leadership Cohort (YLC)

The Youth Leadership Cohort (YLC) seeks to identify high school students from Kansas City's urban core and immerse them in a leadership development curriculum. Students will be trained in the principles of community organizing, leadership, policy and civic engagement. The goal of the program is to help students understand the importance of active citizenship while equipping them with the necessary tools to engage their local communities and schools to address systemic change issues.

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