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Kansas City, Kansas

DashKCK 5K / Walk Collaboration with Library in the Park

DashKCK 5k/Walk and Library in the Park is a collaborative wellness/educational effort by various community organizations and groups. Event goals include: enlisting 20 USD 500 youth in continuing wellness activities; a Youth Walking Club via 8th St. YMCA; 400 Dash entries; 2000 Library in the Park attendees. Dash request is for youth and family scholarships fees for 2 on-site nurses.

Revisit, Revibe & Revitalize Our Community Back-to-School Event

The Organization for the Community Preservation organized a community-wide event “Revisit, Revibe, & Revitalize our Community.” The event included a back-to-school component to provide neighborhood students with age-appropriate supplies for school. The event was a success, with 30 residents participating in the event, networking, and meeting new neighbors. Neighbors also got the chance to have one-on-one discussions with their Unified Government Commissioner.

Environmental Literacy

We like to consider ourselves pioneers in world wide environmental movement, with a mandate to learn first, return to our roots and evaluate how what we have learned fits, and then return to the environmental community itself, to share the kind of adjustments we have discovered needs to be made to their perceived perspectives, so what we are now teaching as a collaborative group, can finally have a real chance to truly become a benefit.

House to Home

Our House to Home program provides a long term ownership opportunity for 15 families in the Meadowlark Valley; 8 families in the Riverview neighborhood; and 20 families in the Bethany neighborhood.

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