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Key Coalition

Come Grow with Us

Come Grow with US campaign is a neighborhood initiative to repopulate, redevelop and reinvent the Key Coalition neighborhood. We were awarded a grant from the Neighborhoods Rising Fund, which we split between two projects.

The first part of the funding was put toward the Come Grow With Us Garden. We used NRF funding to purchase materials like herbs, raised beds, solar lighting, and park benches.

Nile Valley Aquaponics

Kansas City Keys and Males to Men will build a community-based commercial aquaponic system inside a commercial greenhouse to grow high quality food, provide education classes, provide job training opportunities, create local green jobs, and bring people together through a community fish fry with food produced on-site. The project will train youth ages 5-17 who will train others to duplicate or build smaller aquaponic systems. The project will be located in the Key Coalition neighborhood, a food desert and will ultimately use only renewable energy sources.

Key Coalition Urban Renewal Plan

The Key Coalition Neighborhood Association and the City of Kansas City, Missouri are working with the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority to create an Urban Renewal Area to promote and stimulate housing development and rehabilitation with the Key Coalition neighborhood. Key Coalition's Urban Renewal Plan was approved in early 2015. It is a framework designed to facilitate and support private invest in the construction and/or rehabilitation of single-family homes and other residential properties, as well as the construction and/or rehabilitation of commercial properties.

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