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Manheim Park

Immanuel Manor Communal Garden

The Immanuel Manor Community Mini-Park will engage the 50 physically and mentally disabled residents of Immanuel Manor Apartments and the residents of the Manheim Park neighborhood in creating and maintaining a mini-park. This park will deter crime and increase interconnectivity in the surrounding community. At the completion of this project, the Immanuel Manor grounds will offer a new shelter and seating areas, vegetable and flower gardens, and new landscaping features that enhance the aesthetics and safety for the neighborhood.

run:MP Asset Mapping Project

Historic Manheim Park is a diverse urban, community located in central Kansas City. The community has experienced decline over the past four decades but within the past few years, has begun to experience a notable renewal. To continue this momentum, our community was awarded a $20,000 grant by a Kansas City-based organization, the Community Capital Fund to help us organize our community into block teams, sponsor community clean-up and other events such as community gardens.

"Manheim Spring" Community Days

Monthly "Community Days" Spring through the Fall centered around neighbor-led cleanups of brush and trash involving dumpsters and pickup service for elderly, recylcing and repurposing, but mostly a regular activity, building up the community garden and distributing food using the friendship/relationships created during the Community Days.

Manheim Spring Community Days

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a group of residents in the Manheim neighborhood that is building community through collaborating with the residents, small businesses and neighborhood groups to promote healthy living, community awareness, and understanding. Projects include monthly neighborhood cleanups and dumpster days during the summer, potlucks and community events, asset mapping, distributing produce from the neighborhood community garden to residents and kids in the Harvesters Kids Cafe summer lunch program.

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