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Palestine Neighborhood Coordinated Engagement Partnership

The Palestine Neighborhood Coordinated Engagement Partnership will bring community members together to create the neighborhood's future, focusing on affordable housing rehabilitation and youth development initiatives.

In conjunction with program partners MU-Extension and the UMKC Institute for Human Development, the program will train and provide ongoing mentoring support to a Community Coordinator from the neighborhood that facilitates capacity development of PNDC leadership, staff and volunteers, other community-based organizations, and residents.

Safe and Connected Communities

The 'Safe and Connected Communities' project will partner with up to six other organizations in the CCF service area to bring restorative justice and conflict resolution workshops to up to 150 residents. The project will train participants in forming and facilitating small groups that will continue the work after the initial training. A final luncheon event in October 2015 will bring together participants from all groups for a ceremony to celebrate and share their successes.

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