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Code Neighborhood Accountability Boards

Jerusalem Farm started Code Neighborhood Accountability Boards (CNABs) to help low-income homeowners facing code violations, and with this funding, we would like to add a fund to help with the cost of repairs. The meetings are gatherings of key people including the homeowner receiving the violation, the person(s) who reported the violation and/or concerned neighbors, plus 3-4 trained volunteers who encourage a conversation toward a solution to the violation. Jerusalem Farm became an option for code remediation; and the no-interest loan fund we are starting will be specifically for homeowners who use the CNAB process. In the past year, around a third of our home repair projects were fixing violations. Which is why we started this program and are creating this fund.

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Jimmy Thomas
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520 Garfield Ave. KCMO 64124
Kansas City, MO 64124
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